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Safegem is a frictionless high-yield generation protocol combined with continuous permanent burn. With professionalism and transparency, we are building a united community across the entire crypto space.

Featured: RadioShack
GEMS Listing on RadioShack

About RadioShack (BSC)

RadioShack is a 100 year old brand embedded into the global consciousness, now on a mission to be the first protocol to bridge the gap to mainstream usage of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

As a first step, RadioShack is fixing the chaotic and dispersed nature of liquidity addition on today’s AMMs. To solve this problem, RadioShack aims to significantly reduce the diameter of the graph of swappable tokens, and increase liquidity per pair. This will be achieved by using a single large-degree node (the RADIO node) to create what they refer to as The Starfish Topology: a pairing of the single large node with all swappable pairs.

frictionless yield

Safegem offers one of the highest passive income to its holders in the crypto space. 6% of each transaction is redistributed to the Safegem holders. This allows making more money than any bank can offer as compound interest return, without moving a muscle.

deflationary token

Safegem’s supply is permanently reduced by a continuous token burn. 5% of each Safegem transaction is forever burned. More than that, we also burned 53.25% of our total supply after pre-sale. Our community is all about rewards and wealth creation.

Community and vision

Our focus is the community. With professionalism and transparency, we are building a united community in the crypto space!


Frictionless Yield


Continuous Burn


Total Supply

88.5 quad

Tokens Burned


Circulating Supply

19.4 quad










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